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Orhan Baba Orhan Baba

Ufuk's Grandpa, a nut case. He was the one who gave Ufuk the humor and the madness. He worked for the tax office. He did stage acts, wrestling, played many musical instruments. He was very proud that baby Ufuk peed on his shoulders while carrying him. When he met Ufuk's girlfriend first time he welcomed her in women's clothes while he had cataract and unable to see. He died at the age of 88 in 2002. If you'd like to see Orhan Baba's pics click here.

Ufuk Ufuk

Cartoons, content. His first cartoon published when he was 14. Since then he never stopped cartooning. His work is published worldwide in 21 countries. He has become short-sighted in 1973 and glasses became his new organ. In 1975 he squeezed his first teenage spot. Fellini, Miro, Pink Floyd, Radiohead...

webci webci

Web design, programming, Flash. Only vegetarian in the team. He throws up while working on BRAINKEBAB. It's hard to eat kebab in his presence. Some people saw him chasing wildebeest in Serengeti but there is no proof of that. He still waits for his dream gramophone to play his vintage phonograph records.

web web

Assistant Chef, Programming, Marketing, Shop Manager. He studied programming in Birkbeck College and works for SOAS, University of London. He is a second hand stuff enthusiast and watch lover. He's got more watches than his underpants.

Head Chef Head Chef

Hehe hehe finally it's me. I'm the spokesperson of the site. I deal with most of the shit. Sometime serves tea and coffee, sometimes I write the news, short bios etc.., hopefully one day the team will not confuse me with a secretary in stockings.

Thank you

Agathe Geretti (French Translation and many countless things) • Alper Ocak (Animation 3D,2D) • Arnab Sengupta (Business Pro Design - Flash Game, Animation 2D) • Baninder Singh (Business Pro Design - Flash Game, Animation 2D) • Baris Sahin (Final Cut) • Burcu Ocak (Animation 2D) • Dinara Rahmanova (Russian Translation) • Jane O'Rourke (English Editing) • Hakan Taskiran (Animation 2D) • Huseyin Kaplan (For all the nice sandwiches and soups) • Murat Bozkurt (Animation2D) • Tunc Dindas (Animation 2D,Teaser) • Shayantan Majumder (Business Pro Design- Flash Game, Animation 2D) • Sourjyab Banerjee (Bantech Solutions- Flash Game ) • Valentino Montero (Spanish Translation) • Muge Cetinkaya (Excel)

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